A real shoot’em up all in 16 x 9 pixels !


A self imposed challenge to follow the "Running out of space" LD42 theme. Working with so little pixels was more fun than I expected.
Only two levels with unique patterns, then it’s a loop to become stronger and see all the weapons and turrets. You can see this as a proof of concept more than a real game. I made more ennemies and patterns but no time to put everything.

I'l keep this game jam version as v0.1
More story and levels to come with new revisions.


Keyboard QWERTY, AZERTY and Gamepad supported

  • Move : “ZQSD”, “AWSD” or Gamepad D-Pad
  • Shoot : “Space”, Button A
  • Change Weapon : “E”, ShoulderRight
  • Change Turret formation : “F”, ShoulderLeft
  • Reset : “R”, Button B
  • Smaller scale : “-“, Button X
  • Bigger scale : “+”, Button Y

Have fun !


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Visually a very minimal shoot 'em up. It still has many features that some games of the genre don't always even have here, like power-ups and bosses. Other enemies have some variation too, at least in how they move.

If you're interested, you'd be welcome to enter our Game Development World Championship!

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Very simple and with a nice difficulty level. That's what makes it good and entertaining.